New Year, new start

We are a few days away from New Year, not looking forward to it a whole bunch… I was until last week and then I froze.

A new year means starting over and that starting over means facing fears…. will I get pregnant, will I stay pregnant, will the baby be healthy are are the forefront of my mind.

Pregnancy and babies should be exciting, anxiety should be tied up in ‘how do I’s’, not ‘will my baby live?’

Now I wipe the tears from my face and square up… what can I do to play my part?

Get healthy, lose some more weight, take my supplements, sort my diary out… and love the life I have.

Unintentionally we seem to have put life on hold, pulled back from people, that needs to change, I need to make a change.

So my resolutions are: to get out more, to open back up to people, to let go of the pain of the loss and hold onto the hope, to look after myself, to grab the opportunities to do something fun with my husband.

Think a bucket list for 2014 would be an idea….

beach holiday, fishing, kayaking, cookery course for starters …


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