The Parable of the Teacup

What a wonderful reminder, He sees us as we are called to be and not what we are.

Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

My husband’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when Charles was a teenager.  She underwent a radical mastectomy that affected the nerves in her arm and hand and she lost sensation and mobility enough that she was always afraid of using or handling the fine china and crystal stemware she had collected from the time she was a young bride for fear she would break them.  When I met her in the late 70’s, one of her only regrets in life was the fact that she had not utilized her fine dishes more.

Today, I began my feeble attempt of spring cleaning (as I do every year), and one of my dreaded chores is pulling all my fine china out of my display cabinet to dust them.  Unfortunately I have not taken the advice she gave me those many years ago to use the dishes.  “Don’t worry if you break…

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